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Unexpected Travel Insurance Claims Revealed By Essential Travel

Men and young children most at risk of sunburn

Leading provider of online travel extras, urges British holidaymakers to take care this summer as a claims report reveals men and children are most at risk based on sun burn claims for 2011.

Men and young children are the most at risk with males accounting for 60% of cases and teenagers and children for 53% of all claims.

The average cost of a bottle of sun tan lotion across six leading sun brands is just £8.62 against an average claim price of £377, which would be the cost incurred by any customers who hadn't sought travel insurance.

Claim costs can be extortionate in some countries, for example the US boasts an average sunburn claim price of £1,143, due to the high cost of medical care.

The worst affected destinations emerged as Greece, Turkey and Spain rather than countries further afield such as Kenya, Antigua and Australia, where consumers may be more minded to take care.

"Women tend to be worried about their skin for cosmetic reasons and children are often in and out of the pool, so sunscreen is easily washed off." Explains Stuart Bensusan spokesperson for

"You don't even have to be sunbathing to get burned. You can get too much sun while walking to the shops, skiing and even under light cloud cover."

Bensusan concludes: "We are urging British holiday makers to take care of their skin this summer."'s top tips on sunbathing safely this summer are:

  • Sunbathe safe: don't be lulled in a false sense of security even when sunbathing in the UK or countries you may not perceive as sun burn territory
  • Lather up with lotion: apply a high factor sunscreen regularly and try to purchase before you travel abroad. It can be expensive. Sunscreen should be reapplied regularly
  • Cover up carefully: try and use shade between 11am and 3pm, cover up with clothes, sunglasses and a hat

Rates of skin cancer in the UK have risen faster than any other type of cancer and Melanoma skin cancer is now the second most common cancer in young people aged 15 - 34.

Bottle suntan lotion prices:

Soltan SPF 15 is £7.99
Ambre Solaire SPF 20 (200ml) is £6.63
Nivea SPF 30 is £13.50
Piz Buin SPF 15 is £8.99
Malibu is £5.99

Individual single trip insurance starts in Europe from as little as £6.94 for standard cover or £11.15 for superior.

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