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Top Ten 90s flying songs


There has always been a fascination with flying. I used to spend time parked at the

Essential Travel explores the Top 10 flying songs from the 90s.

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Best Places To Take A Naked Vacation


"Nakations" alt="Best Places To Take A Naked Vacation" width="150" class="fl-lt img-blog">

The Nakation, a naked vacation, is becoming a popular way to travel. We have 5 of the best places for a nude holiday, from a nudist beach to a resort.

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Airport Smoking Areas

Designated Smoking Areas

Many major airports don't allow smoking inside. Essential Travel looks at what airports allow smoking and where you'll be allowed to puff away.

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Training for a marathon? How to eat like an Olympic Runner

Kenyan Marathoner, Victor Kipchirchir Kebenei

If you're marathon training, you need all the quality nutrition you can get. Take tips from the best - Olympic long-distance runners, Paula Radcliffe and her Kenyan counterparts.

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Using phones on the plane

This week we've decided to look at a few of the more common myths about travelling and to pick apart their authenticity.

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