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Mountain view at destination covered by our single trip insurance

Single Trip

Protects 1 trip of up to 90 days, to any destination in the world.

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Annual Multi Trip

Covers you for all your trips this year, even those last minute adventures.

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Medical equipment for medical conditions that are covered by our travel insurance

Medical Conditions

Comprehensive cover tailored to your medical condition.

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Cover for children

Travel insurance for children up to the age of 18 years old.

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With so many travel companies on the market and each with their own way of doing things, it can become confusing trying to work out what you need. We've made it nice and simple, with only 3 trip types to choose from and only 4 types of destination.

Single Trip

Our Single Trip travel insurance only covers you for your upcoming holiday. If you're likely to be making a few more trips away this year, you might want to consider our annual multi trip travel insurance instead.

  • Choose from our 4 cover levels: Standard, Essential, Essential Plus and Superior
  • Cover for up to 90 days in one destination
  • 24/7 emergency helpline
  • Up to £10million medical emergency expenses on our Superior policy
  • Baggage, personal money and important documents cover on our Essential Plus and Superior policies
  • Provided by White Horse Insurance Ireland DAC


Our Annual travel insurance covers you for unlimited trips all year. This is perfect if you plan to make more than 2 trips away. Everything will be contained within one policy and it's great value for money!

  • 4 different levels of cover to choose from: Standard Essential, Essential Plus and Superior
  • Unlimited trips within 365 days (up to 45 days each trip)
  • 24/7 emergency helpline
  • Up to £10million medical emergency expenses on our Superior policy
  • Baggage, personal money and important documents cover on our Essential Plus and Superior policies
  • Provided by White Horse Insurance Ireland DAC


Our Backpacker travel insurance gives you up to two years continual protection, including one trip home of up to 14 days. This policy is ideal for gap years, career breaks and extended travel.

  • Choose from 3 cover levels: Standard Backpacker, Essential Backpacker and Essential Plus Backpacker
  • Continuous cover for up to 24 months
  • Purchase up to 60 days in advance
  • 24/7 emergency helpline
  • Includes working abroad (non-manual) and volunteering
  • Up to £5million medical emergency expenses
  • Baggage, personal money and important documents cover on our Essential Plus Backpacker policy
  • Provided by White Horse Insurance Ireland DAC

You might try to persuade yourself that the odds of anything happening to you on holiday are so small it's not worth buying travel insurance. But whilst it's unlikely that anything will happen, there is still a risk that it might. And when you're travelling to an unfamiliar place in a different part of the world, cancellation, illness and lost or stolen possessions can happen to anybody, so why risk it?

Travel insurance is your safety net. If anything does go wrong, it's there to take the inevitable financial blow that would otherwise be left to you. This means that if anything does happen, you won't have a massive bill that eats into your spending money or even worse, forces you to cancel your trip and lose all the money you've spent on it. And if you become seriously ill and are landed with a huge medical bill you can't afford to pay, it might even just save your life.

Every good travel insurance policy should include a good amount of cover for these 3 sections:

Medical Emergencies:

Being covered for medical expenses is probably the most important element of your policy. Unlike the UK, most countries do not have a free health service similar to the NHS, so you could find yourself facing a medical bill for thousands of pounds if you fall ill or have an accident abroad. Do not underestimate the costs of hospital bills! You want to be able to focus on getting better not worrying about the cost of treatment.

Lost or Stolen Possessions:

You may not have a lot of stuff with you, but the bits you do have will no doubt be essential to your trip (passport, mobile, tablet or money). Losing or having these items stolen will not only be annoying, but could seriously make a dent in your cherished holiday money if you're forced to replace them..


If something happens that means you need to cancel your holiday, your insurance policy will help you recover the costs you've already paid. Losing out on your holiday will be hard enough without losing your hard earned money too, so make sure you've got good cancellation cover just incase.

At Essential Travel we offer four different types of destination:


Our European Travel Insurance is a popular choice for those heading to the continent for skiing in Europe, lazing on a beach or Interailling around Europe.

Worldwide (including North America and the Caribbean)

A firm favourite with honeymooners and backpackers, our Worldwide travel insurance (inc. North America and the Caribbean) will cover you for any destination in the world, including North America and the Caribbean.

Worldwide (excluding North America and the Caribbean)

Perfect for those soaking up the sun and vibrant culture in Thailand or snorkelling in Australia, our Worldwide travel insurance (excl. North American and the Caribbean) will cover you for any destination in the world, except North America and the Caribbean.


Last but not least is UK Travel Insurance. With the rising cost of a staycation, travel insurance for the UK is sometimes overlooked, but just like any country, your hotel or transport can be cancelled or your personal belongings can be stolen, lost or damaged.

At Essential Travel, we can cover these, as well as cancellation and curtailment, emergency medical cover, sports insurance and activities, and a whole lot more.

With so many cheap travel insurance policies available it can be difficult trying to decide which is the best for you. To help you decide, we have created our Best Travel Insurance guide that will give you an overview of what to bear in mind when choosing insurance for your next trip.

Travel Insurance Australia

Australia is one of the most popular long-haul destinations for Brits. There is so much to do and see in this vast country and its warm climate, sandy beaches and tropical rain forests make it a popular destination for backpackers on their round the world trip and families a like. Whatever your reason for visiting this beautiful country, our travel insurance for Australia can keep you covered should anything happen while you are away.

Travel Insurance Cuba

Floating halfway between the US to the north and Latin America to the south, Cuba seems to be stuck between the two. Where infrastructure has suffered from its turbulent past, the culture has boomed. Cuba is one of the most incredible places to see the arts. You will hear music emerge from houses, dance in the streets and you'll see it everywhere. The Cuban people keep this country's pulse beating and they will ensure you have an unforgettable time. Whether you soak up the sun on sandy beaches, dive the reefs in search of sea life or simply explore the back streets of Havana, you will remember Cuba. Whatever your reasons, we have you covered with our travel insurance to Cuba.

Travel Insurance Turkey

A mesmerising mix of the exotic and the familiar, Turkey has long been dubbed the 'bridge between East and West'. Its rich history, warm weather and beautiful sandy beaches make it a popular destination among Britons. Whether you are soaking up the sun at a beach resort or exploring the maze of Turkish bazaars, our travel insurance for Turkey can keep you covered should anything disrupt your time away.

Travel Insurance USA

Whether you're skiing in Vermont, seeing a show on Broadway or soaking up the sun on the West Coast, you will want to ensure you are comprehensively covered with our travel insurance for USA. Medical expenses and repatriation to North America and the Caribbean are some of the highest in the world, that is why at Essential Travel we can cover pre-existing medical conditions, as well as provide comprehensive emergency medical cover, along with many other extras.

Travel Insurance UK

Many people forget the need for travel insurance when they're on a staycation but the cost of accommodation, attractions and transport are not often cheap. Our UK travel insurance can cover you for any length of stay, provide you with cancellation cover, 100's of sports and a lot more no matter where you visit.

All Travel Insurance

Please visit our travel insurance site map for a complete breakdown of all trip types and insurance policies offered by Essential Travel.

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