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You know you got Seoul

Now all Laplands are officialy closed (oh ok, only the theme park ones in the UK), the yuletide novelty-seeker is at something of a loss. But good things come to those who wait, and clearly we have all been very good this year, because an alternative has almost immediately revealed itself ... and it's Seoul! Yes, this year I'm dreaming of a Korean Christmas!

And before you say nothing says Christmas like kim chi, difficult north-south relations and a Korean scrub (which I recommend by the way), it seems that 15% of Koreans are of the faith (that's according to True, festivities seem to be largely centred around department stores - so no pushing the comfort zones there - but the Korean tourist board also promises possibly the world's largest Christmas tree (140 metres, record pending Guinness Book of Records approval) and a whole street that will be transformed into a piano keyboard. Which plays music!

So there we have it - Korea has officially stepped up to represent the Lapland theme park ideal in Asia. Lets hope they make a better job of it than the British Lapland theme parks did.

Here's a taster:

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