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An Alternative Travelling Style With Wimdu

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If you’re a passionate traveller, then staying in hotels is probably quite normal for you. But have you ever thought of how it would feel to enjoy the small comforts of a home while you are away? Just imagine being able to walk into a kitchen to make your coffee in the morning, or sharing a house with a couple of other travellers and making life-long friends. Wimdu offers this unique style of travelling - a real home away from home experience.

Apartment in Barcelona

With “Travel like a local” as their slogan, Wimdu is an online platform that provides travellers with private accommodation all over the world - from a shared apartment in Paris, to a flat in Rome or a loft in New York City. This accommodation proves to be a cheap option for anyone travelling abroad, especially if you’re going to be in the country for a couple of months. Rather than being confined to a small hotel room, You get to experience what it would feel like to really live in that country. Simply choose your destination of choice and book online. You can get a studio in Hong Kong for as little as £27 per night or an apartment in Barcelona for as little as £36 per night.

Flat in Hong Kong

Wimdu also gives you the opportunity to make money while you're travelling by renting out your place to travellers coming to explore your home city. With a range of over 50 000 properties in more than 100 amazing countries all over the world, you have a great variety to choose from when you're looking for a home away from home.

To find out more or to take advantage of this opportunity to travel like a local, check out Wimdu: How it works.

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Zoe Harrington

Zoe Harrington

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