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Wimbledon 2011

Where else could strawberries, cream and awkward Cliff Richard sing-alongs be considered normal for a sporting event? The most English sporting event in the world returns to southwest London on 20 June. Sir Richard may not be allowed to sing at Wimbledon again but the prospect of a British winner this year is excitement enough.

Aerial shot of player serving

The last British male singles winner was Fred Perry in 1936 - before World War II! Andy Murray is looking promising, leading up to the tournament, and could very well end our national despondency this year. After years of Henman Hope and Rusedski Regret, we finally have reason to be quietly confident. Other on-court highlights include the long awaited return of the Williams sisters and a strong lineup of male contenders. Murrray will have to deal with Nadal, Federer and Djokovic - all seeded ahead of the fourth-placed Murray.

If you don't have tickets, Wimbledon is still worth a visit after the tournament. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is a must-see for any true fan of the game. It is the largest of its kind and is open throughout the year (during Wimbledon, entrance is limited to ticket-holders only). You can immerse yourself in a 200o cinematic recreation of a Wimbledon match, take a tour of the grounds and be haunted by John McEnroe's doppelganger (tantrums not included). The museum also has an extensive collection of tennis memorabilia - including the much coveted Rosewater Dish (for the ladies singles winner) and the men's trophy.

How can I get last-minute tickets...

It's fitting that the only way to get tickets this late is our second favourite sport - queuing. Hardcore fans can queue for the last 500 tickets available for the day's play. Camping is the norm. If you're not sleeping over, you're not getting tickets. It goes without saying that you can't reserve your position with equipment or little children - this queue has a strict code of conduct.

I'm planning for Wimbledon 2012...

It's best to start planning for next year if you want to see the popular games on the show courts. Applications for the public ballot begin in August and end in December of the previous year. Next year will be special in that Wimbledon will also host the Olympic tennis matches. Double your chances and apply for both.

For more information on getting Wimbledon Tickets see For more information on getting Olympic tickets see

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum opens at 10:00 and closes at 16:30 everyday. Access is limited during Wimbledon. Entrance is £20 for museum and tour. For more information see

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