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Wacky Nation

Wacky Nation

Just how weird are we British? If James Bamber and Sally Raynes are any sort of guide, we're a very odd bunch indeed. The pair have come up with the 50 strangest 'sporting' events in the UK from worm charming to orange racing.

Their book covers many a random contest - World Coal Carrying Championships, Greatest Liar, Gurning Championships, World Stinging-Nettle Eating - and the traditions that spawned them. There's also insider tips on competing and how you can enjoy these bizarre events as a day out.

It's an inspirational godsend if you're struggling for somewhere to take the kids this bank holiday... Now you can entice them with the World Bog Snorkelling Championships on Aug 31 in Wales or the World Gravy Wrestling Championships in Lancashire (also on Aug 31) where people battle it out in a paddling pool filled with Bisto.

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