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The Ultimate Lottery Prize

Everybody plays the game where you day-dream about what you'd do if you won the Lottery. It's great fun, especially when it's the middle of the month and you've got precisely eleven quid in your account.

The Lottery Game

Some people dream about owning fast cars and houses - several, in the most glamorous parts of the world. Others have philanthropic ideas of giving a chunk of the money to charity and then living humbly off the remaining interest (without ever having to go back to work, of course). And then there are a few who swear they would invest it wisely and never be in the position they're in again...

Three of the most popular daydreams are:

  • 1. Buying my own island
  • 2. Buying my own super yacht
  • 3. Going on a very long and expensive holiday - preferably one that lasts until you're hooked up to machines and an oxygen tank

The ultimate fantasy would be to combine all three at once. Sound absurd? Allow us to introduce you to 'Tropical Island Paradise.' This remarkable 295 foot super yacht, designed by the geniuses at, comes with a lot more than the standard bells and whistles you'd find on any old billionaire's summer floaty....

Tropical Island Paradise

All your lottery dreams in one?

For starters, there is a beach surrounded by palm trees, guest cabanas and a perfectly blue swimming pool - that is fed by a waterfall - rolling off a volcano, which you can name after yourself. But that's not even the best part: the master bedroom is inside the volcano and has a balcony that overlooks your island, so you can be in paradise even when it's parked at home.

When and if that gets boring, you can summit your self-titled mountain and smack a few golf balls into the real ocean. Is this starting to sound like something you've imagined when playing the Lottery Game?

What is your ultimate lottery fantasy? Let us know in the comments section below?

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

Clayton is a comfortable traveller, having grown up in a small city that was far away from everything. He spent lots of time in the car as a child, driving up and down the coast of South Africa on surfing trips with his family. After studying abroad in the United States and spending a year working in London, he moved to Cape Town, where he completed a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. He now works as a freelance writer for various travel, surfing and action sports publications.