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Travelodge, The Secret, and other things best left behind

I am a great admirer of Travelodge - not the hotels exactly, but its press releases. First we were told about the couple in Sheffield who've lived in a Travelodge since 1985; then there was the news that the person we have most nightmares about meeting is poor Amy Winehouse (hopefully, too busy dealing with nightmares of her own to take offence). And now there's the list of the top ten books we love to leave behind. Alongside the list are a number of fascinating snippets: such as Southend on Sea Travelodge having (quite understandably it might be argued) 12 copies of Stephen King's The Cell left behind.

Then, there was the Peterborough Travelodge with ten unrequited copies of the Karma Sutra. But apparently out of all the books we like to lose, the top three speak for themselves: Prezza: Pulling no Punches by John Prescott, My Booky Wook by Russell Brand and Speaking for Myself by Cherie Blair. Well you would, wouldn't you?

Also on the list is Rhona Bryne's The Secret - a book that teaches "the secret" of positive thinking, allowing you to achieve whatsoever your heart desires. And if leaving a copy of it behind in a Travelodge isn't a book review in action, I don't know what is.

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