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Time Out: The World's Greatest Cities

Time Out, whose magazines and guide books have long informed and entertained people in cities across the world, have finally bit the bullet and revealed which cities they believe to be the best in the world.

New York comes in at number one, followed by European greats: London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. International cities fare better in the remainder of the top ten with Chicago, Tokyo, Istanbul, Rome and Sydney completing the elite category.

As a Londoner, it's hard seeing London pipped to the post (though I'm a huge fan of New York too). London is where you can find real soul and, unlike NYC, people don't hide behind fake smiles and the city isn't as intimidatingly aggressive.

It's subjective, of course, but based on Time Out's key criteria, it seems logical that London should have won. Architecture/cityscape; arts & culture; buzz; food and drink; quality of life; and world status were the categories the panel followed. Perhaps they should have included green spaces; friendliness and public transport - three of London's strong points, and things a city shouldn't be without - and London would have definitely triumphed.

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