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Three Big Easter Surprises From Around The World

Do you remember the days when Easter was all about the chocolate? You'd be up at 4am, ready to get your trainers on and start digging up your mom's garden for eggs... Although the true meaning of Easter comes to light with age, the old lust for chocolate never dies. Today we're looking at a few stalwart Egg hunters who have taken their passion to new heights, as we count down the top 3 Weirdest Easter Surprises from around the world.

Easter Surprise

3. The Giant Guylian Easter Egg, Belgium

Weighing in at close to 1950 kilograms, this egg was enough to make any egg-eating toddler think twice. Made by Belgian chocolate producer Guylian, it took 26 craftsman close to 525 hours to complete this Guinness record-breaking masterpiece. The egg stood 8.32 metres high and after being left in open conditions for more than a week, manufactures decided that it wouldn't taste very good, so they decided not to eat it... Sad!

2. Easter Omelette, France

Every year on Easter Monday, the townfolk in Haux gather round for their slice of the biggest fry up you have ever seen. More than 4, 000 eggs are used when preparing the annual Easter feast, which feeds up to a thousand people. The team of highly accomplished chefs stir the sea of eggs using giant spatulas that resemble boat oars. It might not be chocolaty or sweet, but you can bet your booties there will be people waking up on a public holiday with sore heads and a super-human appetite for eggs!

1. The Incredible Easter Egg Tree, Germany

In 1945, a German boy named Volker Kraft dreamt of having his own Easter Tree, decorated with eggs like lights on a Christmas tree. 20 years later, he decided to make his dream a reality. His first Easter tree had only 18 painted eggs hanging on it, decorated by himself and his wife. By 2010, once their children had moved out and brought grandchildren to help, the Easter tree had reached an incredible 9500 eggs!

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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