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Even in the midst of financial crisis, it seems we still want our luxuries big and our experiences even bigger. Cue Oasis Of The Seas, the world's biggest cruise ship - a megaliner if you will - that can carry more than to 6,000 passengers and weighs in at an astonishing 225,282 tonnes. It may well be the largest, most extreme travel experience to date and should find itself at home in the below selection of the world's super-sized travel attractions...

CRUISE SHIP: Having sailed a few warm up trips, Oasis Of The Seas will take its maiden voyage on December 5 when punters will be able to explore 20 floors of entertainment and accommodation. The boat has seven neighbourhoods with a central park (yes, complete with trees and flowers), various pools, a theatre, more than a dozen cafes and restaurants, a mall, spa, full size basket ball court, chapel for weddings, rock climbing walls... well, you get the idea.

GOLF COURSE: Some may argue this 860 mile long golf course in the Australian outback isn't actually a proper golf course. Its fairways are pretty non existent and seven of its 11 holes are actually borrowed from other courses on route. The idea is to journey from Ceduna in the south of Oz to Kalgoorie in the west (or the other way around), jumping in the car every time you complete a tee. Be warned, you may well come across dingoes, snakes, spiders and scorpions - think of it as golf safari!

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HOTEL: You'd be right in thinking Las Vegas is the place to go for mammoth hotel resorts - it lays claim to 15 of the world's 20 biggest hotels - but the first prize actually goes to a hotel in Malaysia. First World Hotel in Genting Highlands has more than 6000 rooms and comes complete with an indoor theme park, cinema, casino and shopping centre.

THEME PARK: Not yet complete, Dubailand is set to be the world's biggest theme park made up of several adjoining areas. Dubai has made space (three billion square feet to be exact) for a water park, dinosaur theme park (in partnership with the Natural History Museum in the UK), a Sports City featuring various stadiums and the largest shopping centre in the world. Expect the grand opening some time in 2012.

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