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The Science of Travel

What kind of traveller are you? If you're thinking Phileas Fogg or Michael Palin, forget it - it turns out there are, only two types: Mr Spock or Homer Simpson.

The idea, put forward by the University of the West of England, is that half of us are extremely efficient travellers who plan everything in advance (i.e. Mr Spock-like), and the other half like to enjoy the ride (a la Homer Simpson). I love a bit of random 'science' but I can't help but think they've got a bit confused on this one; how much I like to travel depends on when and where I'm going - the trans-siberian railway sounds like fun for example, whereas generally 8am on a Monday morning on the Victoria line doesn't. But also it never looks like Homer Simpson is having much fun (see the video below) - and I just can't believe that Spock didn't get a serious kick out of being beamed up from planet to planet...

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