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The Restaurant At The End of the (economic) Universe

So here we all are tightening our belts, cutting back on the Fat Cat lifestyles - generally bracing ourselves, for the bad economic news to get worse.

Is it just me, or is this starting to feel like a diet? You know, like when the more you can't eat biscuits, the more you start thinking about eating biscuits; obsess about eating biscuits; fantasise about eating biscuits ... until suddenly you're slipping your credit card through the night hatch of the 24 hour petrol station, and buying up their entire inventory of oreos and caramel digestives.

You can't blame Forbes - poor things - who wants to write another story about bankers, car workers, and realtors losing their jobs? And, you know, the more something's off the menu, the more you want to order it.

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