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The London Eye goes 4D

The London Eye is adding a well needed thrill to its super slow ferris wheel... a 4D film.

The £5million project got underway yesterday in a new cinema housed in the former County Hall. The pre-flight film (included in the price of your ticket) is four-minutes long and follows a seagull as it swoops over the city taking in panoramic views, a couple of parties and an end of night fireworks display.

3D specs at the ready

There's 3D aerial shots, time lapse, music by Coldplay and live action. And the fourth dimension? Well, that comes in the shape of a multi-sensory building that emits dry ice, water, smells and can even vibrate.

So, when it snows in the film, you'll feel it on your face. When the fireworks bang, the ground will shake beneath you and you'll notice the smell of gunpowder wafting by. If nothing else, it should spice up a spin on the big wheel. For more info see:

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