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The Costa Brava and The Bahamas: Same Same But Different

What's a tourist company to do? You want people to come to your beaches, but you can't help thinking that those beaches aren't quite as, well... beachy as you might like. So you might, just, you know, use a picture of a different beach - maybe one in the Caribbean - because that give people the idea, doesn't it?

That's exactly what Dolores Batalle, director of Costa Brava Pyrenees Girona Tourism, did, substituting the image of a Bahamian beach for one in Costa Brava. "What we were looking for was the concept," she told the Spanish press. "But when we came to make the advert we didn't have the adequate images with sufficient quality.

"There was no intention to lie, nor to betray, nor to think that the Bahamas are better than the Costa Brava and pass off an image of the Bahamas as one of here."

The slogan slapped across the image is "Where does the Costa Brava start?" and now I think that it may actually have been a genuine question. Meanwhile here is a picture of me out in London. Unfortunately I was looking a little rough that day so I've had to use some footage of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt instead. But you get the concept.

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