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Travel App Review: CalendApp

Technology is a great asset when you're on holiday. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and free wifi, information is freely available to us from a myriad of travel sources. That said, navigating your way through the Internet jungle is still a task in itself; you really need to know what you're looking for to get the most out of all the fancy technology - add to that the fact that half the stuff you read online is either spam or crass marketing.


This is where CalendApp steps forward. It's an Apple iPhone App and Website that maps all the activities (everything from concerts, to restaurants, museums and where to get your dog's nails clipped) to any area of the world. Using local, user-generated content, you can find all the travel related information you need, all in one place. Think of it as taking the idea of the world being a global community and putting it into your smartphone.

What's An 'App' Anyway?

For those who don't know, 'app' is an abbreviation that has been used for a long time in the IT industry when referring to 'Applications'. More recently, it has become synonymous with applications that can be downloaded onto smartphones and tablets. Luckily for travellers, there are a gazillion different apps covering every travel area you need - think of GPS's, restaurant-finders, geo-caching apps and so on.


How's CalendApp Different Then?

As far as travel apps go, CalendApp makes use of one very current trend: user generated content. Once you've downloaded the app and connected it to your Facebook account, you are ready to begin searching for events, parties, festivals (basically anything that may strike your fancy, anywhere in the world).


Every event displayed is geo-located, pinpointing the exact location of the event to a Google Map. Switch your location and date to anywhere in the world and check out events from there too. See what's happening in a location, long before you actually arrive there. The information about each event is well packaged - short, punchy and useful - so you won't find yourself reading twelve novellas before deciding what to do on a Friday night.

Who Can Use It?

As CalendApp connects to your Facebook account, it downloads your friend's events and works out who is going where and when. Want to check out which events are most popular with your Facebook friends this weekend? No problem, CalendApp is the App for that!

It works both ways as well - if you hear of a fantastic event taking place and would like to let like-minded people know about it, simply add the event for everyone else to see. Snap a photo of a flyer, attach it to the event and CalendApp will group everything into one simple location for you to browse. What better way to actually meet new people in new cities, then by helping to bring everyone together?

CalendApp is only for iPhone at the moment, however, their website is available on any browser, mobile, laptop or desktop.

For more information on the CalendApp iPhone App, check out their website, Facebook page and download page.

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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