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Tesco and Teletext join forces

I've always had a soft spot for TV's Teletext: its Lego-style font, its complex TV listings, the long winded holiday search process... ahhh, good times.


Of course, its all online now, and slightly less dated than it once was. In fact, the company couldn't be more adept at moving with our digital times.

The latest venture sees Telextext Holidays' team up with Tesco to open 20 in-store travel booths, or 'pods', which allow shoppers to digitally search for a holiday while shopping. Alternatively, you can ask one of the travel agents to search on your behalf while you do the weekly shop, thereby allowing you to multi-task spectacularly.

Just imagine: you pop in for milk and carrots and end up with 10 days in Mauritius. It's certainly one way of helping ease the pressure off our busy lives... I suppose, in the words of Tesco, every little helps.

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