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London To Paris - How Hard Can It Be?

TeamWin cycle London to Paris in 24 hours to find out just that

Everyone nowadays is always talking about the easiest ways to travel. It's getting quicker, more comfortable and accessible to more and more people. Down at Essential Travel HQ we thought we would look at things a bit differently: here is one of the hardest ways to travel!

How many ways can you think of to get to Paris? The Eurostar has to be up there.. perhaps a cheap flight? Or even hopping on the (Inter)National Express? But have you ever thought about cycling there?

Team In Paris

You can cycle there?

Come the 24th June 2011, the annual London to Paris 24 hour cycle takes place. This is a staggering event of physical endurance. In total it's 287 miles with an average speed of 28.5 Km/h required throughout to complete it in just 24 hours. That's like doing the London to Brighton ride in 3 hours, 5 times in a row.

Our friends down at TeamWin Cycle are attempting just this feat. Take a look at their Facebook Page page for some regular updates from the boys and some interesting insights into their training regimes, trials, tribulations and ultimately why they are attempting the ride.

Team Win

Their journey will take them through the picturesque counties of Sussex and Kent and into the bustling port of Dover. From there, they continue by ferry to France where they will then cycle through Therouanne, Doullens, Salouel, Beauvais, Pontoise and into Paris, all in 24 hours.

Surely this is perhaps the most spectacular way to view these two beautiful countries in all their glory in what promises to be a truly life-changing experience for the boys. In turn they will pass on these changes to those supported by Scope and really make a difference.

Feel free to follow, share and like anything associated with TeamWin Cycle.

So our question to you, the reader, is can you think of a harder way to get to Paris from London? Have you ever done it? We want tales of hitch-hiking down the motorways, catching a ride with a generous train driver through the channel tunnel or even swimming there!

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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