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Stuart Bensusan: My trip to VEGAS!!

I have heard many stories about Vegas and it has always been a passion of mine to go for my 40th! And gamble! My wife made this dream come true!! So much so that she organised for all my friends to be there, so it made it the perfect boy's weekend away!!

Now this is my story: as the excitement built up about going, I started to do some research into what we could do and where we could visit!! I visited many web sites and read many reviews, but I have to say that none of them give you the real VEGAS!! Not that I realised that at the time. So I did go loaded with loads of printed information, standard tourist packages and of course a wad of money for the tables!!

God, I could have not been further away from any information I had downloaded, I did not even take it out of my bag. VEGAS to me is a mythical place, it's not a place you can write reviews about! I have been travelling around the world for years, I have been to places that I thought I wanted to always be, but since VEGAS I can not think about anything else.

My time albeit spent mainly wondering aimlessly from casino to casino, bar to bar and club to club was beyond words, Vegas makes you feel alive and takes you to another world where every one is friendly and no one cares what your views are!! Its just normal people leading normal life's and letting themselves be caught up in all the glamour that Vegas brings!! It's a mistake to think that Vegas is about the gambling!! I only probably spent 10% of my time gambling, coupled with only 10% sleeping and 80% partying, it was ace!!

The feeling when you leave is of emptiness, it is really strange, but I was warned by a lady that spent a lot of time there and she did tell me that Vegas messes with your head and that they actually have a phrase for this and it is not mentioned in any online guide or review, they say that when you feel the void you have been VEGASIZED.

Go there, experience, and come back with you own version.

PS. one thing I can tell you to book is the 3 clubs at Palms, awesome!! The gate way to heaven!!

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