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The Most In Demand Airline Attendant In The World

It can take a Gandhi-like constitution to work in the service industry and if you've done time pulling pints or waiting tables, you'll perhaps have empathy with why Steven Slater quite his job in such an outrageous way.

Exiting by sailing down the emergency inflatable slide of a boeing 747 with a beer in each hand quite a way to go. You'll need to concentrate hard, but see his grand exit for yourself:

But what fate awaits Steven Slater now? He'll certainly never work as a flight attendant again.

As it turns out, exiting his last job with a beer in either hand may have been the smartest thing he's ever done. Reports are flooding in over Slater being offered several new jobs, hosting a reality show about disgruntled workers. Who better to offer advice than the newly crowned champion of everymen?

There is a strong argument against Slater being canonized for his outlandish resignation. Many say it's very insensitive to those affected by the recession. Someone should be so lucky as to have a steady income.

But then you've only got to ask yourself if you'd watch a show about people quitting their jobs?

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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