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So, farewell QE2...

The world's most famous luxury ocean liner sailed her last this week, before heading to a sunny retirement in Dubai (see the Sky News clip below). And there are many that will lament her passing - not least Beatrice Muller, 89, who enjoyed her holidays aboard the QE2 so much, she moved in.

For the last nine years Mrs Muller's daily routine has revolved around reading The New York Times, games of bridge, cocktails, dancing - and watching the world go by. Not bad for a retirement home.

And, like many, she's not thrilled that the QE2 will soon be docked in Dubai (the liner's recent encounter with a sandbank on her final visit to Southampton has prompted some to suggest her captain may not be quite ready for retirement either) - because she is now homeless.

Time for able seaman Muller to head for shore? Well, no. "What would I want to do that for?" The Times reported her as saying. "I was married to a wonderful man for 57 years. I have done my penal servitude - I want to travel." Too right, Mrs Muller, too right.

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