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Ryanair... in it for the longhaul

I know it seems like I'm obsessed with Ryanair, but I'm not - they are just so easy(jet!) to talk about, dammit.

So you know yesterday, I was predicting - with a heavy heart - that one day all airlines would be like Ryanair? Well today, Micheal O'Leary has announced plans to launch his own longhaul, no frills airline. Genuinely, can you imagine anything worst? 800 people stampeding across the tarmac to get the best seats, only to spend 10 hours squished in a tiny seat which doesn't recline, as surly 12 year old flight attendants lurch up and down the aisle, flogging £12 kitkats off a trolley ...?

Welcome to the era of the World's Unfriendliest Airline.

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