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Ryanair enrages again

Ok, so we're not massive fans of Ryanair on the Essential Travel Blog, but they've deserved our outrage. From pay-per-pee plans and those standing stools to the price of Pringles, its policies do nothing to endear the company to us.

Now, they've upped the cost of checking in luggage. So, instead of paying an extortionate £10 (£20 at the airport) to check in luggage each way, you'll be asked to fork out £15 (£20 at the airport).

In fairness to Ryanair, most no-frills carriers are the same... BA charge more than £30 if you want to carry on board more than one piece of hand luggage.

Still, it always seems to be Michael O'Leary leading the way. It's his airline that charges £40 for printing out a boarding pass at the airport and £20 per infant under 2. Will it ever end?

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