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Would you stand for Ryanair?

Still reeling from the Ryanair's propsal for pay-per-pee toilet charges? Or the controversial fat-tax? No time to get over it, the Irish airline boss Michael O'Leary has come up with another cracking idea to cut costs.

The man in charge is investigating the possibility of passengers opting to perch on stools in new standing areas. O'Leary is seeking approval from the Irish Aviation Authority and, if he gets it, is fully prepared to press ahead. And why not? He'd be saving a ton of cash: reportedly, replacing a section of seating with stools could increase passenger space by 50 per cent and reduce costs by 20 per cent.

Costs for passengers would go down too. But just how many 'frills' are we prepared to sacrifice for a cheap ticket? Perhaps we'll all end up sitting on the floor, cross legged in the name of a bargain flight. Frankly, I couldn't perch on a stool for longer than it took to drink a glass of wine at the bar - so I guess O'Leary can count me out.

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