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The Record Breaking Surfers of Earth Wave 2010

More than 500 people are expected to participate in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for 'most surfers surfing on a wave at the same time', next weekend. The record breaking attempt will take place as a climax to the annual Earth Wave Beach Festival in the Capetonian village of Muizenberg (South Africa). Last year attendees broke the Guinness World Record for most number of surfers on a single wave, when 110 people successfully rode in unison for more than 5 seconds.

Besides setting a world record, the main aim of Earth Wave is to raise environmental awareness. There will be talks and demos for new eco-friendly products and and sustainable energy sources. Also high on the list of causes is support for the Shark Spotter Program, which plays a large role in making the crowded waters at Muizenberg a safer place for people.

Other activities for the weekend include a Pro Longboarding contest, a Stand Up Paddle-board race, bands, raffles, giveaways, beach games, movie showings and a huge closing party on Sunday night. Almost makes you feel sorry for everyone on Monday morning... Almost.

Click here for more information about Earth Wave Beach Festival.

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

Clayton is a comfortable traveller, having grown up in a small city that was far away from everything. He spent lots of time in the car as a child, driving up and down the coast of South Africa on surfing trips with his family. After studying abroad in the United States and spending a year working in London, he moved to Cape Town, where he completed a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. He now works as a freelance writer for various travel, surfing and action sports publications.