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Pontins Goes Into Administration

One of the UK's oldest and most loved holiday park operators is in a fight for survival. Pontin's recently put itself into administration (under KPMG), after its bank - Santander - discontinued financial support for the company.

Anyone who has booked with Pontin's has no reason to worry - your holiday will be honored. "From day one, we will be actively running Pontin's to ensure that our guests' holiday expectations are met. Any customers with queries about their holiday plans should call our dedicated helpline", said Jane Moriarty, one of the joint administrator's from KPMG currently handling Pontin's. The number is 0844 576 8481.

It's a sad state for such a well-loved company to be in. Pontin's first opened in 1946 at the Brean Sands Holiday Park, near Bristol (this is one of the five remaining venues). The budget-resort concept was a break-through for UK holiday makers who couldn't afford to go to Spain or France, but still wanted to enjoy a seaside break.

With their famous Blue Coat entertainers, Pontin's offered cheap accommodation, great entertainment for kids and heaps of fun for parents - everything from karaoke, to live cabarets and pub quizzes. Sure it's cheesy and a bit of a throwback to 1965, but that's part of the charm.

Pontin's chairman, Graham Parr, insists that the company will live to fight another day. "The business is strong, it's going really well - we have 3,000 holidaymakers staying with us this weekend," he told a BBC reporter. With a little luck and a badly needed cash injection, perhaps we haven't seen the last of Pontin's.

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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