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Pets on Planes

Our friends over at Kayak have come up with a very useful table of inflight charges - basically a 'gouge table' of inflight fleecing we weary travellers can expect as we fly the pricey skies.

One thing that really interested me tho - forget about Lufthansa charging an astonishing £400 for the 3rd bag - is the charges for travelling with your pet. KLM charges up to £450 for checking your pet - for that amount I hope Rover has his own seat, special meal and an inflight entertainment service featuring back to back reruns of Lassie and Old Yeller! But get this, both Delta and Continental charge up to £350 for carrying your pet ... as cargo. Am I being naive here - who would stow their pet in the hold, to rattle around with the suitcases in sub-zero temperatures? Talk about a dog's life at 37 000 feet.

Maybe this is a business opportunity though? We've had Hooters Air, we've had a Hed Kandy Air- why not talk Paris Hilton into launching 'Pooch Air': the designer carrier for designer dogs?

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