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Pay per pee on Ryanair

So Michael O'Leary wasn't joking when he suggested a £1 toilet tax for passengers who couldn't hold it in. The Ryanair boss has quite seriously restated his plans to charge travellers for using the loo within two years and, to make it that bit trickier to relieve yourself, is hoping to scrap two of the three toilets on its Boeing 737-800 jets to make way for extra seats.

Ryanair boss Micheal O'Leary confirms toilet charges

It's easy to scoff at O'Leary's plans and proudly assert that you'd never pay for using the loo or, more boldly, never fly with Ryanair. But, then, don't we all hunt out the cheapest airfare regardless of the airline or its policies? And then grumpily, yet voluntarily, hand over cash for checking bags, speedy boarding, the option of an aisle seat, the smallest bag of nuts in the world and extra leg room?

Don't forget it was largely Ryanair who first introduced these blood-boiling charges in the name of cheap travel and their success (in terms of profibility, rather that customer satisfaction) set a new standard for budget travel that has since firmly stuck.

It may be a sorry situation, but it's frighteningly likely that we'll all soon be paying a pound to spend a penny on most short-haul flights. Unless, of course, O'Leary has finally gone one step too far...

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