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What Happens When Your Car Window Stays Open

Open windowOpen car window

We've all heard people say, "Close your car windows, it's dangerous to leave them open." And while we agree, we'll leave it open on a hot day to get a little air in. Climbing into a hot car after a long day is not ideal.

But what happens when you go away for a holiday, attempt to avoid the cost of airport parking by parking your car at home, and leave the windows open for a bit to get some air in? For some people, it can be catastrophic and you'll understand exactly why you were warned to close the windows and advised to folk out a little extra for safe parking that doesn't include a nasty surprise inside your car. We thought that this one would be best represented in pictures. Enjoy the shock...and horror!

Snow Inside Your Car

Leaving your car windows open in the middle of winter can be risky, but you definitely don't expect this. According to reports, the snow in this car is the result of an unusual event. Peter Skylberg was driving in the small town of Umea, Sweden when an enormous amount of snow trapped him in this car. Apparently, he survived for two months by drinking some of the snow. Whether this story is true or not is hard to tell. The evidence below does however show that sharing your car with so much snow won't be the most comfortable journey.

Snow in carSnow inside car

A Hornet's Nest

You probably don't even know what this is. And I don't blame you for that. To be clear, it's a wasp nest inside a '55 Chevy. Henry Coker from Tallahassee in Alabama never expected the yellow-jackets to make a hornet's nest that could fill the entire interior of his car. It started out as a tire sized nest, but quickly escalated and within six weeks, his open window had welcomed thousands of workers. A normal sized hornet's nest is the size of a basketball and has about three thousand workers and one queen. As you can see, this nest is slightly bigger than that.

Wasp nest in carWasp nest inside car

Flooding During Winter

Your car can get flooded just from leaving your windows open overnight during a heavy storm. Repairing the damage and cleaning up the mess can become very costly, and I bet that you're thanking your lucky stars that you're not the owner of this car.

Dirty carFlooded car

Have you had a similar experience before? Drop a comment in the box and let us know!

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