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Naked security

First you had to take off your belt; then your jacket; then your shoes. Now, you're being asked to get in the buff. Well, virtually.

New technology being trialed at Manchester airport is set to increase passenger safety. The machines have the ability to x-ray your entire body, scanning through clothes to leave a virtual image of your physique (complete with an outline of your nether regions) and any threatening items on your person.

Those uncomfortable with the idea are free to opt out, but the trial is being billed as a gentler alternative to the more traditional frisk and pat.

To avoid claims of indecency, under 18s won't be allowed through the scanner, and passengers are assured that the images are looked at by highly trained professionals and will neither be stored, nor lustily lingered over. Still, I'm not sure about someone having a gander at my birthday suit, no matter how un-sexual or brief it might be.

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