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Mamma Mia! weddings in Greece

There's something incredibly seductive about Mamma Mia! the movie. Meryl Steep jumping around in dungarees, Pierce Brosnan bursting into song, a gay Colin Firth...

It's proved so seductive, in fact, that dancing queens the UK over are opting to have their wedding on the same Greek islands as the film set.

Skiathos: Bourtzi

London-based agent Ionian Weddings, who've organised a special Mamma Mia! Island Wedding to deal with the demand, have seen a massive increase in couples wanting to recreate the film's magic for their special day. Bookings through the agency rose by 60 per cent after the DVD release, and residents on the islands of Skopelos and Skiathos have reportedly seen a massive increase in wedding ceremonies as well as general Mamma Mia! tourism. A mixed blessing, I'm sure.

Not to take away from the movie's appeal (who wouldn't want to travel to the chapel by donkey?), but choosing an Abba-style wedding may be as much to do with finances as screen glamour. The average cost of a holiday in the UK is a staggering £22,000; Ionian Weddings package (including a cake, catering and a photographer) comes in at £2,890. Maybe marrying abroad, anywhere abroad, is the way forward?

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