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Female Shoppers And Compensation For Lost Baggage

Misplaced bag

A recent survey conducted by has shown that the average woman spends approximately £245 on new holiday clothing and accessories, adding more than a third to the initial cost of the holiday.

I, too, am guilty of a pre-holiday shop-a-thon. For me it’s all part of the excitement and build up to going away, so I can’t say I’m surprised. However, with this additional holiday expense in mind, what is worrying is that many of the females who participate in this ritual may not be protecting their investment with a comprehensive holiday insurance policy.

Females shoppingWe all love to shop before a holiday

What happens if your new holiday wardrobe gets lost in transit?

If your bag is the unlucky one out of nine bags to get lost en route, your options for holiday outfits aren't great. You’re either going to have to stay in what you’re wearing and find some way of washing it, borrow someone else’s (if you’re lucky enough to be travelling with another female and share similar tastes), but more than likely you’ll have to go shopping (again) to buy replacements for the clothes you’ve just bought - until your bags turn up... if they turn up.

This is where holiday insurance comes in. Essential Travel’s Superior travel insurance provides up to £2,000 baggage cover, with up to £300 per item. Without this cover, you could end up spending another £245 give or take, to replace the items you’ve just bought.

Lost luggageLost baggage

So ladies, if you are partial to a pre-holiday shopping spree, buy an insurance policy that covers baggage and make sure you keep your purchase receipts. That way, should your bags go missing, you’ll have all the proof you need to show what was in your luggage in the event of a claim.

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Nina Montgomery

Nina Montgomery

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