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School's back for summer!

As well as daily Spanish phrase books - featuring such gems as Te apetece unos macarrones? (Do you fancy some macaroni?) - The Guardian has been encouraging readers to learn a language on holiday while simultaneously learning to surf, cook, dance...

I personally have no aptitude for another tongue but wouldn't mind, er, learning to surf, cook and dance. If that sentiment chimes, check out these top five educational holidays. Language-learning optional.

Snap it in Italy
The valleys and mountains of Abruzzo, a region east of Rome, are known as 'the garden of Italy'. Frui promise to help you capture the beauty of the ancient hilltop town of Santo Stefano and the epic Gran Sasso in a 5-day introductory photography holiday. The £900 price tag includes accommodation and meals. Frui also have trips to Morcoco, Croatia and Turkey.

Italy: Abruzzo

Surfing in Biarritz
Hit the waves on the coast of France with a beginners surfing package through Adventure Sports Holidays. Deals start at £350 and include 4-days instruction, equipment, accommodation and flights.

Tango in Buenos Aires
Learn super hot moves in Argentina. Club Dance Holiday offer 14 hours of tango instruction over 7 days as well as trips to top Buenos Aires tango halls for £2499 per person (price includes flights and accommodation).

Feast in Thailand
Even casual visitors to Thailand will be floored by its culinary culture. Dig a little deeper with A Feast of Thailand organised by Symbiosis Travel. The package includes cooking workshops, trips to regional markets and backstage access to some of the country's most kitchens.

Horse Riding in Andalucia
Learn to trot along on a horse in the olive country of Andalucia. Go Learn To organise a 3-night trip including instruction and accommodation at a family run equestrian centre from £220. Go To Learn also offer a range of learning holidays across Europe and beyond.

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