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Le Blackpool, mon amour

So it seems it's not just the British who are thinking about sunning ourselves on our beaches this summer - the French are at it too. Or rather they will be if Blackpool Council has anything to do with it.

You (and I) may associate Blackpool with the 'pleasure' beach and political party conferences, but for the French it's a different matter - well it would be, wouldn't it? The latest campaign, J'aime la Tour (I love the tower) is a love story about a French woman and an English man. Or more truthfully the French woman and Blackpool. Anyway, the happy couple run along the beach, hold hands on the merry-go-round and order hotpot - and all in that grainy, art-house low lighting. It's a bit like Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg in reverse. It seems ridiculous but it might just work - so long as they can get over her English boyfriend's French accent...

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