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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

There are so many reasons to go to New Zealand - the beautiful unspoilt countryside, their internationally acclaimed wineries, a misguided obsession with Lord of the Rings... and now there's one more: shark diving in the Foveaux Strait.

For around $500 (£190), you too will be able to cage dive near Stewart Island - a popular haunt for seals... and things which like to eat seals, namely Great White sharks. Shark diving has already proven a huge thrill-seeking draw in Australia and South Africa, so why not here too?

Well one possible reason, is the community of locals who making their living diving in the waters around Stewart Island looking for paua - a species of edible sea snail. A spokesperson for the Paua Industry Council has pointed out the fish oil tourists boats use to attract sharks, will almost certainly lead to sharks associating boats - and divers - with food. And paua divers, of course, don't have cages. The director of Auckland University's Leigh Marine Laboratory is behind the Paua Industry Council, but the dive attraction is going ahead anyway.

Now there are plenty of examples of how the drive to snag the tourist dollar is put before ethical, eco or any other kind of concern you care to mention. But looking at this youtube video makes you think perhaps there'll be karmic retribution for riding roughshod over local sensibilities...

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