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Is This The End Of Booze Cruising?

For years Brits have been making the 'booze-cruising' pilgrimage to Calais, France - the Holy Land of cheap alcohol. But the recent news that domestic giants Sainsbury's and Tesco are closing their wine stores in Calais has sent shock waves across the UK. Both stores say that poor sales caused this collapse.

Times are hard and people are skint. The Pound isn't as strong against the Euro anymore, which makes the bargain prices less appealing. It makes sense that people haven't been booze cruising in their usual numbers. Why go to France for cheap wine when you can buy it down the street for half the trouble?

So the big question on people's lips is this: "Has the recession killed booze cruising?"

Opinions are flying around the net at the moment. Cynics say 'yes, the dream is over!' Oddbins was the first big retailer to close down this year, for the same reason. With these major suppliers going belly-up and the prices becoming less appealing, is the journey still worth it? Especially now that transport costs have increased.

People in the know are saying that it's not the end though.

Yes, booze cruising is down while the recession is kicking like a rabid mule. But when the economy stabilizes, the trend will rise from the dead. Getting there by train or ferry is always going to be cheap and easy. Calais is full of great supermarkets and stores that match the big players like Tesco and Sainsbury's, price for price.

So hang in there. As long as there are thirsty mouths to fill, cheap booze will be out there.

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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