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I'll Get By With a Little Help From My Friends (or ...Maybe Not)

It sounded such a good idea at the time: you love Italy, and they love Italy... you love pasta and they love pasta! And you've always had such fun together at home...

The only problem is it turns out that you wanted to spend all your time on the beach, and they were looking for museums. You wanted a cheap break, whereas they wanted to push the boat out ... and you had no idea they were so uptight/disorganised/lazy/messy/boring/just plain rude. Ah yes, the sad fact is that some things just don't travel - and sometimes that includes friendships.

This month's Magazine (read all about it... here) is out today, and alongside the guides to the top five sun spots (Palma de Majorca, Sharm el Sheikh, Nice, Albufeira and Agios Nikolaos, in Crete), and our fantastic 24-hour Essential guide to Ibiza, we've got tips on how to go on holiday with your friends - and make sure you come back just as good friends as before. It can be done - but it involves tact, patience and compromise - and's Insiders Guide to travelling with friends: See them here

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