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How to marry a millionaire... or join the mile high club

It's a lonely life, travelling on business. All those hotel stars, michelin stars, film stars... it can get old, y'know? Business class - it's like a gilded cage! Sometimes you long for the good old economy-days, when the seats weren't so far apart, and you could bond over lost luggage, or waiting for the loo, or the inflight entertainment being broken.

I just didn't realise how lonely flying business could be - until I discovered, an online dating agency aimed at people who always travel with a complementary glass of Champagne and leg room. And can I admit to considering treating myself to an upgrade (a girl has to consider her future after all)? Until I read on...

For "lets you find... other travelers to enjoy attractions, dinner, drink or" - wait for it - "something more during your business trips." Yes - the italics are mine. But I was SHOCKED. And on further investigation, I discovered that being a member also involves revealing your interest in "adult activities and topics" - and I don't think they're talking Wall Street.

So I'll be sticking with economy and trying to bag the seat by the emergency exit.

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