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How much did you pay for your Pringles?

Gordon Brown has barely drawn breath from his recession-busting stiff-upper-lip-style speech when there comes news of yet another sharp kick in the shins of the national psyche. Yes, I'm talking about you, budget airline people. Not content with charging us for the most basic of travellers' rights - the right to check in! the right to a free pillow! - they have turned their attention to one of the few things to look forward to during the inflight experience (other than it ending): the snacks.

According to a Which?Holiday report, 'budget' airlines have marked up inflight food by up to 600% compared to supermarket prices. So, while you might pay 20p for a cup of coffee at the local supermarket, throw in a sick bag and a safety demonstration and the cost goes up to symbol(pound)2.50. A small bottle of nerve-soothing red wine? Up from symbol(pound)1.99 in the supermarket to £5 in the air. A chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich goes from £1.80 in Tesco, to symbol(pound)4.20 in the air, and a box of Pringles from 54p to symbol(pound)1.85.

And the worst offender when it comes to mark ups? Yep, it's Ryanair.

It's enough to put you off your food, isn't it?

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