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A Roman Holiday... With Nuns

Rooms with a view of a Colosseum are so last year. The Roman villa is passe. Even the hostel next to Trevi Fountain has been overdone.

These days, cool kids on a budget in Rome are staying in convents.

Convents and monasteries across the Italian capital have opened their doors to tourists and offer rooms at rates which compete with some of the best value hostels.

If you're imagining a vow-of-poverty single bed cell with no windows right now, think again. There may be a curfew in place, but rooms are spacious, beds are comfortable, bathrooms are clean (and private) and the food is cooked with love. Which is all you really need. Not to mention the kudos of being to able cosy up to the Pope while you're on holiday and peek at the inner workings of a monastery.

Accommodation is normally available for both sexes and small families as well as non-Catholics. One night's stay will cost you between symbol(pound)30 and symbol(pound)50 for a single room and around symbol(pound)60 to symbol(pound)80 for a double room. A few sources to get you started:
Casa Preziosissimo Sangue
Fraterna Domus
Casa Bonus Pastor

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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