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Goat Museum

There's an International Museum of Toilets in New Delhi, a museum dedicated to barbed wire in Kentucky, a Spam museum in Austin Minnesota, the Museum of Bad Art in Boston and there's also the Phallological Museum in Iceland (well, naturally) so it may come as something as a surprise to discover that the poor goat has never before had a museum to call its own.

Thank you, then, to the good people of Barcaldine, in Queensland, Australia who have made it their mission to redress the balance. Next year goat lovers of the world will be able to gather in Barcaldine and celebrate what the museum spokesman John de Groot (yes - that really is his name) is billing as a world first - a goat racing hall of fame. In fact, it's hoped Barcaldine will become the goat-racing capital of Australia.

And yet, while I scoff, it is the first time I've ever heard of Barcaldine, and probably it will attract tourists. So if people really want to watch goats race - good luck to them.

Aussie could be world's first

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