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Frankfurt Airport Opens A Dog Hotel

Let your dog sleep peacefully

Forget about dog-sitters and kennels, on your next trip to Germany you can book your cuddly canine into a hotel of their own. Frankfurt Airport now hosts a Hundepension, a hotel just for dogs. Manned by the same personnel who care for the bomb-sniffing and security pooches you see at the airport, travellers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their barking companions are being looked after by people who truly understand animal needs.

Hotel Features

What makes this dog hotel different from an ordinary shelter are the luxuries of space and warmth. No one wants their four-legged friend cramped in a cold cage while they’re toasting in front of a fire with a pint of beer. With only 25 kennels, the Hundepension not only ensures every occupant is provided 20 square metres each and a 3,500 square metre communal area in which dogs can run, play and explore, but kennels are also heated during the winter months.

For extra reassurance, owners are allowed to supply a few home comforts, like a bed, blankets, toys and any food needed to maintain your puppy’s special diet. The hotel is also open to visitors between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm every weekday, so you can still see your dog during your vacation.

Conveniently located on the south side of Frankfurt Airport, you can drop or pick up your pet as easily as your luggage. At only £15 a day in Summer and £17 in Winter, Frankfurt Airport commuters can take advantage of a really great service - at a very reasonable price.

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