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Finding Atlantis

For 10,000 years man has been looking for the lost city of Atlantis - but finally the wait is over. Today, on the Palm Island in Dubai - itself an engineering miracle - the Atlantis hotel officially opened for the first time. It has 1,539 rooms, 17 restaurants, and it cost £750 million. And blimey it's ugly. Because as we all know money can't buy you taste - although it does seem like it can get you a really kick-arse aquarium (there are 65,000 fish in there - see if you can count them all) and I have to admit the underwater suites look pretty cool too:

Apparently when it opened for bookings in Febuary this year the first people to pay £45,000 for three nights B&B were... a British family! Bet they're not regretting that now.

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