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Four Reasons To Visit Falkland Islands

Winter in Falkland Islands

Island escapes hardly ever fail to revitalise your body and mind. And while penguins sunbathing on a coast may be the first thing that comes to mind when someone says Falkland Islands, spare a moment to discover its treasures. Attempt to reconnect with nature: with the summer warmth settling in at the South Atlantic archipelago, the timing is perfect. Let’s take a look at why this cosy destination calls for a holiday.

Extraordinary Wildlife

King & Gentoo PenguinsKing and Gentoo Penguins

If you are keen on bird watching, then you’ve found your haven. The islands’ 200 bird species calmly going about their daily activities in the most intriguing ways, make it difficult to put down your binoculars. Falkland Islands are also home to five different species of penguins, sea lions and albatrosses, and they offer a vantage point for killer whale spotting, so it’s a good idea to have your camera ready. You may even be lucky enough to witness the rare sight of sea lion cubs suckling. Being submerged in the diverse wildlife on the islands, you won't struggle to see why it inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution in the 19th Century.

Spending the Day at Stanley

Gypsy CoveGypsy Cove

In Stanley, the island's only town, it’s hard not to feel at home while touring in a vintage, London Double Decker Bus. Britannia House, one of the prominent landmarks, is where the Falkland Islands Museum welcomes you to take a walk through their heritage. A serene walk a mere 4 miles out of Stanley leads you to jade-coloured waters accompanied by Magellanic Penguins at Gypsy Cove.

Whalebone Arch at Christ Church CathedralWhalebone Arch

At Volunteer Point you can get up close and personal with the King Penguin colonies on the pearl-white sandy beaches. The Whalebone Arch located opposite the Christ Church Cathedral is a must-see. It was constructed from two jawbones of a blue whale in 1933 in commemoration of 100 years of British administration on the islands. The jawbones are surrounded by picturesque gardens, making for a comfortable setting.

Falkland Foods

The cuisine talks a rich, traditional language. Falkland Islands’ most renowned dish is the Upland Goose Pâté. Sample the home-grown vegetables; fresh fish that’s locally caught and the mutton, beef and lamb that are all reared on the islands’ farms. Also proudly local are the Smoko (tea-time) treats. Seafood platters range from Atlantic Rock Cod or local Sea Trout, and smaller cafes serve the popular fish and chips during the day. Each restaurant has a fine wine selection to complement your meal.

From Island to Island

Saunders Island BeachSaunders Island

In the Falkland Islands, it’s not only one island you’re limited to visiting. There are quite a few islands to explore by either flying over or cruising from one to the other. Popular islands to look forward to are the Carcass, Sea Lion, Saunders and Weddell Islands. Weddell Island is a perfect escape with its relatively large, uninhabited areas and just the Patagonian foxes to keep you company. While it’s no guess what’s to see at Sea Lion Island, what you won’t be seeing at Carcass Island are cats and mice. The island is known for it’s complete lack of feline and rodent populations.

This small group of wildlife-laden islands present you with an opportunity to become one with nature in their quiet landscapes; the type of bond that often only arises from a unique travel experience. Take a look through The Falkland Islands website for more information, and feel free to let us know about your experiences in the comment box below.

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