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The Most Eco-Friendly Way To Travel

It seems as if everybody with influence is 'going green' these days. From Bono to the chaps in Coldplay, Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman and Gisele Bunchen - they're all telling us the same thing: WE need to look after our planet. This means cutting down on electricity, recycling, driving our cars less and conserving water. And you know they mean business, because global warming is an international affair that concerns everybody equally - even pop stars.

Carbon Dioxide

Now, admittedly, all the catch phrases can be nauseating. In between 'reducing our carbon footprint' and 'eating organic food', it's pretty costly to keep up with the noble lifestyle of a 'green advocate'. Until it becomes an affordable way to shop, people who aren't celebrities, politicians or (at least) relatively wealthy have to come up with a few clever ways of saving the environment.

While we can't help you raise your own chickens or build a wind turbine for the back yard, we can help you with some travel tips for eco-friendly holidays...

The People's Vehicle: A Bicycle

Henry Gold

Henry Gold, founder of the cycle tour company Tour d'Afrique, describes the bicycle as "cheap, nonpolluting, small and silent...the most efficient machine ever built by humans, because a person on a bicycle expends less energy than any other creature or machine covering the same distance".

Cycling has become one of the easiest ways to take part in the march towards cleaning up humanity's reputation. Not only is it a very healthy, eco-friendly means of transport, it's a far side cheaper than fuel or car maintenance. If you aren't able to invest in a bike, Boris Johnson's cycle hire initiative with Barclay's Bank is a great example of something everyone can do to behave pro-actively, by cycling when it's possible.

In this month's magazine we look at various aspects of 'cycle touring' - a trend that has become a major player in the travel industry. In our How To Cycle Tour article, we'll take you through all the Do's and Don'ts of going on a cycle holiday - especially for those who are unfamiliar with the concept.

Henry Gold

We were also lucky enough to catch up with Henry Gold, to find out more about his adventures, past projects, favourite cycling tunes and the future prospects for Tour d'Afrique. Check out the full, exclusive interview here.

For those of you who are ready to hit the road, we also count down the Top 10 International Cycle Routes, giving you the best suggestions on where to take your family and your bicycles on a spectacular cycling holiday.

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Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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