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Cheaper than a caravan

Having posted some appealing bargain holiday options yesterday, a reader quite rightly pointed out that a caravan in Skegness was still cheaper than my fabulous, jet set suggestions. So I have investigated further...

A 7-night stay in a caravan in Skegness mid-June will land you with a bill for more than £300. Not quite as cheap and cheerful as expected. With that in mind, the next batch of breaks will bust the £300 and involve packing a passport... Skegness will not win!

Try Ice Lolly for an obscenely cheap range of sunny holidays. I found 7 nights in Kos, Greece, room only accommodation for £72 per person. On Eurocamp a family of four can head to camping park Piantelle (near Lake Garda) in Italy for just £196. Be warned though: many of the best offers on Eurocamp end today.

Same goes for the offers on Canvas Holidays in France.Try them now and you'll find great family deals such as a week in Grolejac (near Dordogne river) for £219 per party.

For a city break try Euro Star's £59 return to Paris. It's too late for June, but July has reasonable availability, and August availability is more than promising. Once there, check into Oops Paris, a boutique hostel in the Latin quarter that marries style and design with economy - prices average around £25 a night.

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