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Caravan of Love

It took the invention of the staycation (holidaying at or very near your home) and the nano-break (you only stay one night to save money) - both dull, depressing and pretty pointless - to make the return of the caravan holiday sound even slightly appealing, but that time has come: The Caravan Club reports that caravanning holidays are up 40% on last year.

On the plus side it's flexible, cheap, and who doesn't love a road trip? (Answer: the drivers stuck behind you on the motorway.) But on the downside you're still confined to a cramped, ugly, uncomfortable box in a miserable-looking caravan park. And, since most caravaners stock up at the supermarket at home before their trip (can I admit to having no statistics for this other than something my Dad once told me? But he's usually right), caravanning generally contributes little to the local economy.

I do realise that none of this really matters if you're trying to squeeze a family holiday out of an extremely tight budget. So if you are going to do it, here's how not to:

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