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Bet on going bust

Worried you're going to lose money - and your holiday - thanks to the credit crunch? Don't bet on it. Or rather ... hedge your bets and DO!

Irish bookies Paddy Power is taking bets on the next airline to go bust (and, no, Alitalia's so shaky, the book's already closed on that puppy). The leading contenders are:

Fly Globespan 3-1

Spanair 4-1

Air Berlin 7-1

Finnair 10-1

SkyEurope 12-1

Don't waste your money on (or rather, perhaps, do) Easyjet, BA, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Ryanir or Lufthansa - they're all 100-1. And Vatican Airlines (who even knew that existed?) is even safer - of course - at 500-1. If you were hoping Air Force One might be in there, it is - but at 1000-1, the odds are probably better on whether Sarah Palin will ever get to ride in it...

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