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Baywatch? Well... no.

David went for a dishwater-grey polo shirt, Gordon a country-gent blazer... both were prefect examples of how, when it comes to wardrobe, the British male still doesn't quite know what to do about summer holidays. This was the best our political leaders could do even with the aid of a stylist; The Telegraph might label Cameron's look Baywatch, but both he and the PM looked like my versions of my dad decked out from head to toe in Marks and Spencers.

Both men looked equally awkward posing for their public holiday snaps (although at least the Browns didn't try to recreate something out of The Thornbirds) too - but even more disheartening was the media fuss surrounding their choice of holidays. The Prime Minister is staying care of Dave Hogan, a celebrity photographer, at Shadingfield Hall in Southwold in Suffolk (£4,500 a week during peak season) and David Cameron has, naturally enough, gone for the posh option with Cornwall (as every aspirant debutant knows, spending a summer in Padstow is like bobbing for apples when it comes to bagging an Etonian).

If you've ever visited Suffolk or Cornwall you'll know that both are incredibly beautiful. So why does the media seem intent on suggesting that holidaying in the UK is some kind of hardship? If that's our politicians' idea of sacrifice we're in worse trouble than I thought. Want to holiday like the Browns? Book it here:

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